Join me and I will personally guide you through

the Emotional Solar Plexus Center

of the Human Design Chart

so you can leverage and master your CREATIVE ENERGY

for calibrating the life you WANT
(even if this center is not defined in your chart), 

and learn how you can THRIVE Powerfully and Authentically in the world!

From the desk of:  Evelyn Levenson


Re:  If you want to learn how to leverage your natural creative power to shape the life you truly WANT… you’re in the right place!

Dear Friend,


Our feelings and passions are part of the fabric of who we are as humans. But rather than just be reactive with our emotions, we can also use them to creatively and deliberately shape the life we want. They are our access to deliberate creation. 


The way we express and use our emotional energy determines how functional we are on a day to day basis, how good we feel about ourselves, and how we impact those around us.


Managing and leveraging your emotional energy wisely is critical for your success in every aspect of your life, including your ability to create the life you want.


But it can’t happen in a vacuum. It must also be in alignment with your core energetic structure and the truth of Who YOU Are.

Unfortunately, understanding who we are and figuring out how to navigate this life successfully can seem like a great big mystery.


Mostly, we stumble around a lot and learn from what doesn’t work.


There has been no “user’s manual” to guide us along. Until Human Design.   


Human Design provides the BEST system of self-knowledge and practical guidance that I’ve ever come across. And I’ve been looking for most of my 60+ years on this planet!


The nine geometric centers within the Human Design bodygraph manage the energy dynamics that determine our behavior.


The specific Energy Center that manages our very powerful emotional energy is the Solar Plexus Center.


The Solar Plexus Center governs the nature of emotional energy, which occurs in waves for people who have this Center defined (colored in). These waves are the ups and downs of passions and pathos, romance and anguish, incredible works of art, and deeply tender moments. This is the energy that gives our human lives the unique richness, texture and nuance that set us apart from our fellow creatures on this planet.


Those who have this Center undefined (white) experience this energy in an amplified way! Remember, we ALL experience ALL of the chart.


This center is BOTH an Awareness Center and a Motor Center, making it unique among the Energy Centers. So, there is energy for taking action, after waiting for the right timing, and there is energy for awareness of our feelings, needs, and desires. Ultimately, this awareness leads to spirit consciousness that connects us all in our one-ness.


This energy dramatically affects our life experience and our energy levels.

To help you improve your skill at using your
Solar Plexus Center
powerfully, successfully, and authentically,

you can get the
Solar Plexus Center training module
as a stand-alone course.

First, you’ll get a full introduction to the nine Energy Centers.  You’ll learn:

  • What the energy centers are, what they do, how they work, and why they are so important

  • How the energy centers get defined in the first place, and how they determine our Type and Strategy (with specific celebrity examples!)

Then, the Solar Plexus Center training module will give you the full picture of how the Solar Plexus Center functions and how to use it correctly.


You will learn:

  • the basic themes of the Solar Plexus Center

  • the complex nature and unique characteristics of this center

  • the nature of emotional energy

  • the range of emotional expression

  • how to leverage the Solar Plexus energy correctly for YOU, whether defined or undefined


If your Solar Plexus Center is DEFINED, you will learn:

  • how your emotional waves function

  • what the low end of the wave feels like

  • cultural pressure against the low end of the wave

  • how to use your low emotional energy to best advantage

  • the benefits of making peace with your emotional wave

  • emotional eating and addictions

  • how to make decisions with a defined Solar Plexus (you are not designed for spontaneous decisions!)

  • three varieties of emotional wave, based on defined channels

If your Solar Plexus Center is UNDEFINED, you will learn:

  • your amplification of emotional waves of others

  • your unlimited capacity for range of emotional expression

  • about being empathic and sensitive

  • the benefits of sensing others' emotions

  • how you may be acting out the emotions of others

  • the confusion and pain of this center

  • a vital mantra to help you stand in your power and no longer be at the mercy of other people's emotional energy

  • the predictable behavior pattern for coping with this energy

  • how this pattern can hijack your decisions and how to avoid that


And finally, you’ll understand how the Solar Plexus Center functions in relationships, specifically:

  • o  Two defined Solar Plexus Centers together

    o  Two open Solar Plexus Centers together

    o  Two open Solar Plexus Centers that get Solar Plexus Center definition together

    o  A defined Solar Plexus Center with an open Solar Plexus Center 

Of course, understanding all of this about yourself will also help you to better understand others!  


Even if you don’t know others' specific design, learning the variations in expression and function of the Solar Plexus Center can help you improve your day-to-day interactions with loved ones, bosses, colleagues, friends, and everyone you encounter on your path.


The entire Success by Centers course sells for $247 and includes 10 modules of video trainings, slides, and worksheets, plus a bonus module on the Fears of the Spleen and Solar Plexus, and an extra recorded Q&A call. (You can learn more about the full course here. Use code SBC220 to save over 10% if you want to go straight to buying the entire course!)


I don’t usually sell the centers modules separately, but the role of our Solar Plexus Center energy is so important that I'm making this module available for only $67. It's simply packed with so much useful information.


TODAY you can enjoy instant access to the Solar Plexus Center Module for just $67.


Here is exactly what you’ll get:

  • 2 video trainings (1 hour each) using slides and lots of examples

  •  Audio versions of the trainings for convenient listening

  • Slides from both trainings, in PDF format

  • 2 worksheets to deepen your understanding of what you've learned and help you apply it to your life

  • A labeled diagram of all nine centers for quick reference

  • Affirmations for Defined Solar Plexuses and for Undefined Solar Plexuses

    Functioning authentically in life keeps us happy, healthy, in alignment with the truth of Who We Are, and able to fulfill our soul’s purpose without all the effort we think we need to make.

    There is no more powerful way to improve the quality of your life and your emotional well-being than understanding and leveraging your authentic Solar Plexus Energy so you can THRIVE in energetic alignment with YOU.


    I invite you to join me on this journey!


    Get it today for only $67(USD)

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