a practical way to deepen your  Relationships

​A Relationship Reading

shows you the relationship dynamics between you and another person

Learn the energy dynamics between you and your spouse, romantic partner, business partner, parent, child, sibling, best friend . . . 


What's possible from a Relationship Reading about you and someone you care about?

  • deep understanding and acceptance of that person
  • awareness of why they do what they do (and why you do what YOU do!)
  • appreciation of who that person really is, while honoring yourself at the same time
  • strategies for working effectively together
  • insights and communication skills for navigating day-to-day life
    • what are they naturally good at? (and what "not so much"?)
    • do they like details or are they a big picture person?
    • what's the best way to ask them questions?
    • are they a starter or a finisher?  both?  neither?
    • are they a support person or a leader? 
    • do they crave information and step by step instructions or do they need to just try it themselves?
    • are they linear and logical, or more inclined to the throw-the-spaghetti-on-the-wall approach?
  • correct decision-making strategy for them, and how you can support and empower them (this is so important for children as well as adults)
  • ways to help them to trust themselves while building trust in the relationship


"The greatest benefit is the deeper understanding of my children which has led to more conscious decisions and actions in how I show up for them. The increased awareness is helping me to take more appropriate actions to care for my children's needs. The information has also helped me have more compassion and patience when caring for them and the rest of my family as a whole." 
~ Donna Y.

In a Relationship Reading, we explore the energy dynamics of two charts together, looking at compatibilities and challenges between:

  • Type and Strategy
  • Decision Making Authority
  • Personality Profile
  • Defined and Open Centers
  • Gates and Channels
  • Predominant Circuitry

This exploration can turn up some surprising new awarenesses as well as confirmation of some things you already knew.


Understanding these relationship dynamics gives you new access to patience, wisdom, compassion, effective ways to support and empower the other person, ways to enhance and expand your natural compatibilities, and tips for overcoming any areas of challenge.


They were friends and helped each other in business but struggled to support each other's decisions. In their Relationship Reading they learned they have very different decision making styles. One needed time for her decisions, the other was designed to make quick decisions. This understanding immediately helped them to be patient and respectful of each other's process and honor the gift each brought to the partnership.

What You Get in a Relationship Reading

Your Relationship Reading includes:

  • Custom composite chart provided before the session 

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