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Incarnation Cross

The two gates of the sun’s position and the two gates of the earth’s position in your Human Design chart form your Incarnation Cross, which represents about 70% of how you show up in the world. 


Taken together, these gates indicate the path or plot line of your life; your Cross reveals the “what and how” of your reason for being here. 


Not all Human Design chart software includes the name of your Cross so we’ll create a chart for you that shows yours.


As you already may know, the sun moves through all 64 gate energies of the Human Design mandala over the course of one year, staying in each gate for approximately six days. During those six days, there are three variations of Incarnation Crosses all with the same conscious sun and earth gates. 


Three crosses per sun gate multiplied by 64 gates gives us 192 Incarnation Crosses!


The names of the crosses can be confusing and may not convey their deeper meanings. 


In this reading, we will demystify YOUR Incarnation Cross and clarify your unique path in life.

Chiron Energies

The planetoid Chiron (also spelled Kiron or Kyron) is used in astrology as well as in Human Design. It’s known as the “wounded healer” which indicates that one needs to heal his or her own wounds before helping others with their healing.


Like the other planetary bodies, Chiron moves through the 64 gate energies but takes approximately 51 years to complete a whole cycle. 


While many Human Design charts do not show Chiron, charts that are offered for free from my website include this important influence. 


Chiron’s gates appear in the list of planetary bodies but are NOT shown on the bodygraph itself as they do not complete channels or define centers.


Chiron energies relate to transformation and spiritual growth.


In your chart, Chiron represents what your soul came into this life to master through learning, healing and, ultimately, being of service.

Putting These Two Together

Life Path and Soul Mission Reading Details

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Before You Book Your Session...

This is a Specialty Reading, so you need to have had a basic Human Design reading first.


With that foundation, we’ll be able to quickly identify the themes, crystallize the issues, and come up with your unique integration of your mission and your path. That’s why this reading only takes 30 minutes. It’s quick, but powerful. It builds on what you already know about your Human Design.


If you’ve had an Initial Reading or a Full Reading from me, or a foundational reading from another qualified Human Design practitioner, then you should be ready for your 30-minute Life Path and Soul Mission Reading. Right now there's an introductory price of 10% off.


If you have not had a reading yet and would like to, choose the  Basic Reading Bundle below which combines a Basic Reading with a Life Path and Soul Mission Readingat a 15% discount!


Have questions?  See the FAQ section below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will this work for ME? I’ve tried but never felt confident about identifying my purpose or my mission before.

What if my Incarnation Cross and Chiron energies don’t resonate with me or make sense in my life?

How is this new Life Path and Soul Mission reading different from the Soul Purpose Alignment reading you also offer?

While both are Specialty Readings and both require you to have had a basic Human Design reading first, the two readings are very different. 


The Soul Purpose Alignment reading is a full length 75-minute session that looks at your conscious (soul purpose) chart as separate from your unconscious (life purpose) chart using a specially created 3-charts-per-page chart. We explore all of the gate energies for each chart and identify a Purpose Statement for each chart--a Soul Purpose statement and a Life Purpose statement. You are encouraged to create your own synthesized "Quantum Purpose Statement" after the reading, as a fully personalized guiding statement for your life.


The new Life Path and Soul Mission reading is 30 minutes and looks specifically and only at your Incarnation Cross and Chiron energies. While we talk briefly about the gates of your Cross and your Chiron energies during the Soul Purpose Alignment reading, they are not the focus of that session. 


In the new reading not only are they the focus of the reading, we also look in-depth at your Incarnation Cross itself, which has meaning and importance beyond just the four gates that make up your Cross. 


Your Incarnation Cross is the specific Life Path for you that is unmistakably identified in your chart. And your Chiron energies are the challenges that your soul came into this life to master--providing the backdrop and context against which your life unfolds. They are your Soul's Mission. These are not purpose statements that we create together like in the Soul Purpose Alignment reading. These come directly from your chart.


Each reading illuminates and focuses on different details in your chart, each one giving you a new layer of understanding and a deeper way to interpret and make use of the knowledge about the energies you were born with.

What qualifies you, Evelyn, to do this kind of reading?

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